5 Passive Income Ideas That Work

5 passive income ideas that work

Somewhere in between reading books and hearing about other people doing it, I became interested in the idea of passive income. Since then, I’ve made some progress toward my own.

What’s passive income all about?

It essentially means making money with little to no time investment, an income you earn without actively being involved in something. It did seem a bit shady to me at first, but in the end, I realized it’s entirely possible. Here are 5 ideas to earn passive income from the work you do.

1. Bring your photography online

If you’re passionate about photography, there’s a high chance you can make a passive income from your passion, online. Websites like Shutterstock or iStockPhoto can serve as markets for your photos. They can offer you either a flat fee or a percentage of each sale your photos get. If you produce a high volume of photos, you can earn a nice amount of money with this. And it becomes passive because once a photo is out there, clients can buy it one year later with you still getting paid. They also take care of the selling and all other technical stuff.

2. Write an ebook

5 passive income ideas that work

Something I actually want to do is write one, or more ebooks. It takes a lot of work upfront but once it’s written and marketed properly it can make for a stable income stream for years. And there’s so much versatility to it, as you can sell it on your own website or offer a percentage of the sale to websites to promote your book and bring in sales. There are many things you can do once you write a book that you might not think of upfront.

3. Sell your own products online

Are you good at making handcrafted products? At making inspiring, personalized t-shirts? It can even be something digital like a video or software. There will always be an audience for personalized stuff. As long as you offer quality at affordable prices, people will at least give your products a try. Then refer other people and so on. Of course, you’ll have to produce the items and ship them, but it will be your business, your own achievement.

4. Make YouTube videos

YouTube is growing every single day, with more and more videos being consumed each day. You can make videos on pretty much anything and attach ads to the videos in order to earn revenue. The key here is to create viral, compelling videos, that people will be drawn to, as well as sharing them socially and attracting subscribers.

There’s the making of videos and the promotion, but other than that, a video you posted a year ago can still make you money today, as people are watching it. It sure is something to consider, as it involves less time than a full-time job and there are many people who replaced their job with YouTube. Or it can just be another income stream, summing up to more money.

5.Affiliate marketing

And honestly, my favorite if I had to only choose one. Affiliate marketing means, in few words, promoting products sold by someone else for a percent of the sales you bring in. For example, you can promote any product on Amazon and they’ll pay you a percent of every sale. 

With almost 2 billion people using the internet on a daily basis and thousands more discovering it every day, internet businesses can only grow. And they’re not going anywhere, as the people won’t stop using the internet, if something, they’ll use it even more, with even more services being available on the internet everywhere.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing

You can start a website and write product reviews, as people tend to search for reviews before buying something. From there you link to Amazon and you earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase. Of course, there’s more to it than just this, but that’s the main idea, the rest can be learned. There are so many options.

I began with affiliate marketing and had some success, as I didn’t really commit to it. Now a year passed and I know this is the way I want to follow. There’s no problem if you have no idea about affiliate marketing, personal websites or SEO, you can learn it all, as I do every day.

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12 Responses to “5 Passive Income Ideas That Work

  • Hi Alex, I would like to find a way to earn an extra income online. I am looking for part-time ideas but if I can achieve a full-time income it would be even better,

    Which of the ways you recommend for a passive income is more effective for a beginner?

    I have not any experience online or any skills, so I have to learn everything from scratch.

    • Hello Ilias, I was just like you when I started out.

      If you want to learn everything from scratch, I would really recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate for free and check it out. I am part of the community and everything I know I learned here. And it costs nothing for you to try.

      I am not into photography or YouTube and my ebook is just a thought for now so Affiliate marketing is my way. You can start making money within the first few months if you are committed. The training teaches you everything you need to know, step by step.

      You can try it here.

  • Stephen
    1 year ago

    Hello friend,

    Thanks for this very inspiring post on passive income. have heard about passive income, but your article have explained things so clear top ,my understanding.

    I really love that idea of making an investment and benefiting from it in the future. That is so great. I personally don’t even like the idea of working for others, I hate the regular 9 to 5 job in my life.
    I am going to try affiliate marketing as you recommended, it looks so promising, and I know that it will be a very helpful business and worth tryring.

    I also like the idea of building my personally website and promoting affiliate products on it it, and since you said you have started seeing the outcome of this type of business online. I’m going to sign up now for your recommended program and start my journey of building my passive income.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this grate information.

  • Sharon Whyte
    1 year ago

    Hi Alex,
    I love those words “Passive Income” and am working my tail off to do and have just that. You are right, it is not easy and it does take time but it will definitely be worth it in the long wrong. I cannot wait till the time I am sitting on a beach and check emails stating commissions daily. I get passive income 1x a mth for the platform I am part of and that is pretty cool. But daily is going to be awesome, and I know it will definitely happen. Great article!

  • Hi Alex,
    I love those words “Passiv Income” and am working my tail off to do and have just that. You are right, it is not easy and it does take time but it will definitely be worth it in the long wrong. I cannot wait till the time I am sitting on a beach and check emails stating commissions daily. I get passive income 1x a mth for the platform I am part of and that is pretty cool. But daily is going to be awesome, and I know it will definitely happen. Great article!

    • Thank you, Sharon
      I am in the process of doing the same exact thing, getting to that point where a work schedule is something of the past.
      Everything takes time and surely I’d rather invest it than lose it working for someone else.
      I am very happy that you got to the point of actually receiving commissions, I am still waiting for mine

  • So you mean I don’t have to have any physical products of my own to make money with affiliate marketing?

    I have really been stressing over this issue wondering where I could the products I am supposed to make money off of.

    Thanks a lot for the enlightment you gave me on it. You saved me big time mate 🙂

    • Hello, Dave

      No, you don’t have to own the product you are selling, you play the role of the advertiser. You show people the product via your website and if they buy it you get paid a commission.


  • HI Alex… this is a GREAT article. My husband and I both have great aspirations and dreams of passive income. Currently we own a rental property and then are starting an online business. This is what the wealthiest people do in life. They stop trading their most precious commodity, time, for something that is as fickle as money. The true way to do this is as you said, PASSIVE INCOME!!!

    • Exactly, that’s why I started looking for passive income avenues even at 19 years old, because I don’t want to spend my time working for others only to realize later it was a bad choice and I could have done something else.

      I’m happy for you and your husband and I wish you to succeed

  • Hi less, the possibility yo make a kind of passive income with a website is what motivates most people working as internet marketers. You have full flexibility of your life! Not only that, you can become location independent and live in a place where living costs are much lower. For example, earning in dollars and living in a place where $600 is the average salary of the population. This is power!
    Thanks for sharing this great article it will inspire many people to work on their online business and achieve freedom.

    • You’re totally right, in my country the minimum wage is only about 300$, not 600$. And the time and place independence is such an important thing to me, as I want to spend my time doing something I really want, not go and spend half my life putting money is my boss’s pockets.

      I sure hope it inspires people

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