Affiliate Challenge Review – Is it a scam?

I’ve noticed a  new program claiming to teach you how to make money online, but how true are Andy Luong’s claims? That’s exactly the question that I want to answer by writing my review of the Affiliate Challenge program.

SummaryAffiliate Challenge review - Is it a scam?

Product name: The Affiliate Challenge

Price: 1$ trial – 47$ per month after that

Website: The Affiliate Challenge

Verdict:Legit but not recommended

Would I use it? – No, because there are much better options

Affiliate Challenge review

Immediately upon the loading of the landing page, a video starts playing automatically. The video features the owner, Andy, talking about his failed attempts to make money online, jumping from an opportunity to another.

Affiliate Challenge review - Is it a scam?

Then he claims to offer you a bonus if you watch his video to the end. I’ve watched it and I can tell you, as the video goes on, in the end it’s like “Now all you have to do to receive these awesome bonuses is to click the button below the video and become a member today” So much for the free stuff unless you want to pay for them. I guess it’s just to keep you there.

Affiliate Challenge review - Is it a scam?

Now let’s talk about the video

I.Having the right mindset – Treating your website as a business, not as a hobby. At your job you don’t dance around your assignments, right? Well, if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you have to take it seriously and invest quite some time and effort into it.

II.Finding the right niche – Finding a niche is also very important for affiliate marketers, but it’s not all about the hungry market eager to buy your products, because if you’re passionate and knowledgeable about a niche, you’ll be able to connect with your readers much better and make them trust you more.

III.Find a high converting product – I don’t fully agree with this one because high conversions mean high competition. And as a starting affiliate marketer a lot of competition won’t be what you’ll want to be up against. Quality products convert, and those are the only products you should promote. In my opinion, the emphasize should be to believe in the products you promote. If you wouldn’t use them yourself, don’t promote them.

IV.Building an email list – This is very importan tfor you as an affiliate marketer because people leave you their email adresses so you can send them promotional offers and reviews of products. But to be able to build an email list, you must be able to establish a connection, make people trust you. Honestly, I don’t trust this guy, mainly because he’s lying about the freebies at the end of the video and because he is telling me to become a member today one time too many.

V.Getting traffic to your website – What he says is true, driving traffic is important. Paid traffic is quicker because you pay for it, but as soon as you stop paying, traffic stops. Free traffic, the traffic that comes from actual search engine rankings, is there to stay, because your rank will stay. So as long as you post quality content consistently, traffic will eventually come.

VI.Email marketing – Not spamming your subscribers and sending them offers they could actually benefit from. If you’re passionate about your niche you’ll only recommend products you stand behind 100%, that you’d use yourself, so people won’t see it as spam if they can benefit from it. Think like this: If I would receive this email, would I consider it useful or doom it as spam?

VII.Scaling your business – Once successful, you should see what works best and what you could improve, in order to grow your business. I think every serious affiliate marketer wants to grow his business.

As an affiliate marketer myself..

It sounds good, his points are valid, each of the steps are important. But I wouldn’t try his program myself, let me explain why:

When I scroll down the video, he fears I might exitso he redirects me to another video, where he offers me a 14 days trial for just 1$. If I would watch his video and maybe joined by ,,clicking the button and becoming a member today” I would have paid 47$ and he would have been happy I never knew about the trial. See below

Affiliate Challenge review - Is it a scam?

Teaching what he implemented himself – Telling people to join my program once every 3 sentences and lie to them about free bonuses only to have my video watched, I suddenly don’t want to learn what he implemented, I won’t be that person.

Seeing people as leads – I think we should treat our visitors as humans, as people. Not just a click or a lead. He also said we should make people see us as friends. Well, considering me a lead won’t make me trust you or see you as my friend, sorry.

Your only solution – The fact that he tells me if I want to be a successful affiliate marketer his program is MY ONLY SOLUTION, it’s just too much. How am I supposed to trust this? It’s like, you either want to succeed and go with me, or you don’t succeed. No and no again.

Community that shares the same vision and goals – But it’s hidden behind that 47$ fee he wants me to pay. I can’t actually talk to anyone in that ,,community” to see if it’s a legit program or not. Not inspiring trust, again. I am part of a community that shares my same vision and goals and it offers a free account so I can enter and talk to people, check the program and see if it’s for me before paying any money. This community is also a training center that has taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing and I’m still learning something new every single day being a member of Wealthy Affiliate find out this here. Unlike his program, it is free to join, so if I don’t like it I can quit without losing any money.

Knowledge worth 500$-2000$ per hour – Yes, maybe gurus teach affiliate marketing at 500$ per hour and he does it for free, once you pay and join his program. But it’s not always the case, for example, inside Wealthy Affiliate, we have a weekly webinar held by a guy named Jay that teaches us different aspects of affiliate marketing. It’s going on for a couple of years, with the option to see previous webinars, so there’s a lot of knowledge and it doesn’t cost me 2000$.

He wants to be sure I’m risk free – So he will return my money if I’m not satisfied. My brother, if you wanted me not to risk anything, you would have offered me a day or a week of free trial, so I can check your program out and see if I actually want to spend my money on it.

I hope my review of the Affiliate Challenge helped you. This is my honest opinion about it and I can tell you for sure, there are much better options, because I’m a member of one.

Would I use it?

His program seems legit, but no, I wouldn’t buy it, because the man didn’t make me trust him in any way and also I’m part of a much better training center and community where I can learn everything I need to be successful. If you want to see where I learned everything I know about affiliate marketing, you can do it for free.

Affiliate Challenge review - Is it a scam?


If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Cheers, Alex

Founder of The Affiliate Step


8 Responses to “Affiliate Challenge Review – Is it a scam?

  • Minhaj
    1 year ago

    I have heard of this guy, he is legit and seems to be very successful. Having said that one of the problems I have with the internet marketing industry is that people like Andy make it sound so easy. They do this to get people into their system and when people realise that it is not as easy as advertised, most just give up.
    If they were a bit more transparent maybe more people would succeed in this cut throat industry.
    There are a lot of legit programmes like this, but I would hesitate to endorse them because of the claims made.
    All the best

  • ChazzBrown
    2 years ago

    I can see why you say it’s not a scam because he is providing what he’s promising (kind of) But what he’s promising is not really that attractive.

    I’m not that impressed with “money back” guarantees because they really count on it being too much trouble for most people to go through the process.

    If his own presentation is not that great, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have that much to teach me about writing effective sales copy.

  • Thanks for this review. It does seem like it is no match for Wealthy Affiliate. But then again, it’s hard to find any better product compared to WA. WA is simply a great product with better features. The one thing that no other product could compare with WA is the community support. It is essentially a social network for affiliate marketers and it’s easy to get the help needed.

    • Indeed the community is worth much more than we have to pay for it, which is nothing as we pay for the training. Also the fact that the community itself can create training it’s totally unheard of in this line of business.

  • This is the first I’ve heard of Affiliate Challenge. It sounds like Andy Luong is saying all the right stuff, but like you, I’m not convinced. All the hype he’s pushing doesn’t help either.

    And, why does he want us to pay a dollar to try out his program? Why not let us try it for free? Seems like he’s fishing for credit card or debit card info.

    Building an online business is too complex and the internet changes every day. One person cannot keep up with all the changes and also teach how to benefit from these changes.

    On the other hand, a community like Wealthy Affiliate with thousands of members and hundreds of instructors is the best option for someone who wants to learn how it’s really done.

    • Hello Gary, thank you for your comment

      I think that the fact that WA offers a fully free membership to try out the program is the biggest advantage, as I can actually see the training and decide if I want to pay for it. I’m not really eager to pay for promises and would rather be sure of something than be fooled.

  • Heathguy33
    2 years ago

    I have heard of this program. But never read a review on it. Like you said the program seems legit. But no. I like the one you suggest at the end a whole lot better. Would you join this and do the other at the same time?

    Or is it best to stick with one program at a time?

    • I believe it’s better to stick with one at a time, how would you feel having two teachers that say the same thing with different words? And of the two I’d certainly choose Wealthy Affiliate because it has many years under it’s belt and it offers a free trial, so no harm done if one doesn’t feel comfortable with them

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