BarterMyFunds review – Is it legit and safe?

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Name: Barter My Funds

Type of website: Currency exchanger

Recommended: Yes


What is Barter My Funds?

It is an online currency exchange platform that just launched. The company owning the product is Future Business Group Ltd. , also owning My Traffic Value and Paidverts, which I reviewed here

The BMF platform was created in order to give everyone a better experience when exchanging online currency and it was funded by crowd-funding, meaning a lot of people trusted in the success of the project and it’s legitimacy.

Like they say: ,,Shouldn’t you have full control of your own money?”


What currencies are available?

Just launched, BMF offers, at the moment of writing, 3 currencies: BTC, LTC, and Perfect money USD

The rates are the following:

BTC -> LTC 0.6%

BTC -> PM -1%

LTC -> BTC 3%

LTC -> PM 2.25%

PM -> BTC 3.5%

PM -> LTC 3.2%


More currencies will follow in the near future, as they needed to actually be launched in order to be accepted by some payment processors such as Payza, Paypal, Skrill, etc. As any other payment processor or currency becomes available, this post will be updated.


Why BMF?Barter My Funds review

You may ask yourself why you should pick BMF for transacting your money instead of other exchangers that have been here for a while, that you already know are legit trusted by people.

Well, because,

They aim to serve the customer, offering the lowest exchange rate you’ll find. Yes, they also follow their own interests, giving a bonus when you exchange bitcoins to Perfect Money. That’s because they want to keep their currency in BTC. But that’s also good for you, as you can exchange with no fee, but maybe a bonus instead.

Also, because it is another product of a big company, and if they would scam people off, their entire variety of products would lose trust, and would they risk that for a few dollars? Would they risk discrediting their brand? No.


Barter My Funds review

What else do they offer?

A 3-level referral program, the commission being based on the amount exchanged by your referrals

Barter My Funds referral


And also a discount system based on the total amount transacted by yourself:


Barter My Funds review


The payment is completed anytime between instantly and half an hour, with BTC transfers requiring 2-4 confirmation. Also, because I know most people, such as myself, would actually prefer having a proof of payment before fully trusting a new program, I’ll provide one below.

Also, on the homepage, the most recent exchanges are displayed in real time, so, even if you can’t see the details of the transactions, you can see there are other people using it.


Barter My Funds payment proof



Am I using it?

Yes, I started using BMF to get all my money in the same place, as I don’t like having dollars spread everywhere. I have moved the few BTC I have to my PM account, because BMF actually offers a rate of -1% for this type of transaction, as they prefer having their money in BTC, given its price volatility and the potential increase in value.

I consider Barter My Funds to be a big addition for those that exchange between currencies and cryptocurrencies often, especially with the discount feature while also having the lowest fees on the market. Having used it myself, I can say it’s legit and safe to use, and if I helped you with this review, I’m glad I did.


Wishing to join? Do it HERE


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If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Cheers, Alex

Founder of The Affiliate Step

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