Escaping The 9 to 5

Working a normal 9-5 job?Escaping the 9 to 5 Are you tired of it? Waking up every morning, going to work, taking orders, making money for others. I’m sure you’ve had enough.

You want it to end, you think of escaping your 9 to 5. But it doesn’t end by itself, you have to end it yourself. But you have to continue, you have a wife, maybe you have a child, you cannot disappoint them. You won’t, it’s for the better.

It’s not quitting, It’s changing

You can’t simply give up on your job. I’m not telling you to. I’m just telling you that making money from home is possible, and going from a tiring 9-5 job to a passive income online is not a dream.

I never worked a 9 to 5 job, and I won’t even have to, because I’ve decided to be my own boss, to start my own online business, to earn money online. No waking up in the morning and working for others.

I want to work from home and I’m going to do just that. Make a living online and be spend my time doing whatever I want, from traveling to reading to staying with my loved ones, I’ll have the choice. Because we only live once, so why not live the way you want to? 

Do you want to be in control of your life?

Working for yourself could be just what you need. Setting your own schedule, waking up later, working as much as you want to and not taking orders from any boss. Being able to do what you want, not worrying about the next paycheck or not having the much-needed job security.

Do you want more time with your family?

Working from home while setting your own schedule can offer you a lot more time to do what you want and be near the persons that matter. Being there for every moment of your kid’s life, going on family vacations, would you miss that for the sake of going to work? Most people don’t have a choice.

Do you have a passion?

And working stopped you from pursuing it? Then escaping the 9 to 5 could be just for you. Working online makes it possible for you to work wherever you are, with just a laptop and an internet connection. Think about it, working while travelling the world, not having a schedule and someone to look up to, does it seem like a dream?

Starting your online businessEscaping the 9 to 5

Unlike starting a physical business, it doesn’t require thousands of dollars and college degrees, anyone can do it. Anyone passionate enough can start a successful online business. There’s no need to be a computer savvy to do it, all you have to do is want it and invest enough time and effort into it.


Do you want it? The Freedom?

If you do, you need to think of what your job means to you, what it does for you. Your job is a source of income, so in order to quit, you have to think of how you can replace the income your job brings in with something else.

For me, it’s been creating my own website, my own online business, focused on affiliate marketing. It means I promote within my content the products that other companies sell in exchange for a commission. Basically, I’m getting money for writing on my website. I don’t have a boss, I don’t have a schedule, I can work from wherever I want, as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection.

My journey

I’ve never even had a website before starting this one out, neither had any idea of how to make money with a website, I just knew people did it. And I wanted to make money online, as well. I didn’t know how so I searched for training.

I’ve been scammed a couple of times until I found Wealthy Affiliate. But I didn’t want to get scammed again, so I decided I’m not throwing any money into this one. Surprisingly, I didn’t even have to, because they offered me a free trial and I was able to check the program out before paying any money. I could choose to stay a free member forever, but I saw the potential of the program, the community and the training they offered me.


Escaping the 9 to 5


If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Cheers, Alex

Founder of The Affiliate Step

12 Responses to “Escaping The 9 to 5

  • Do you feel that many people come online to earn in a state of desperation, they need money now and are looking for a push-button answer that simply doesn’t exist in the internet world?
    I found out the hard way that you have to work in the online world much like you have to work in the real world..

    • I totally agree that many people search ways to make money online as a last resort, not realizing it is the same effort as working a full time job, which isn’t am answer to desperation, but to ambition. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • I’ve worked from home for several years now, but when I look back to when I worked the 9 to 5 grind, it seems like I wasted years of my life. Commute time alone is a huge waste of time.

    Back in my commuter days, I was little more than a trained monkey. I wish more people would realize the phenomenal benefits of working from home.

    I don’t just mean the money that can be made online, but the personal freedom too.

    • Well, I think the ability to make money without having to stick to a set schedule, also making money in a domain you want is what gives us that freedom. Commuting is indeed a hassle and a waste of precious time, as I’ve experienced in my high school years

  • Hi Alex, I followed your site from a comment recently received by you. I agree with Michael, that your style of writing is great. Also, you have given lots of awareness when it comes to the fact that there’s more to life than the “9 to 5”. I can recall, thinking that all I needed my present job to do was to create the funds, I needed to build my dreams…LoL. So far that’s working great as a “transition” point for me. One day I plan to walk completely away, which is my biggest goal. Thanks for your value, Alex.

    • I am glad your “transition” is going well. That’s my goal as well, not to walk away, to never walk toward, because I’ve never had the “chance” to work a 9 to 5 job. I’m glad you enjoyed my content and I wish you all the best in achieving your goal!

  • Michael Chiu
    2 years ago

    I love the way you put things. It is so to-the-point and real. I am tired of looking at pages that make you sit through a video that you can’t skip around in, or pitches that have you scrolling and scrolling just to get to the bottom to find out what is the call to action. Great post!

    • Thank you, I think it’s best to keep things simple and I try to make the user experiece as good as I can.

  • Heathguy33
    2 years ago

    Great post this has me excited to see what you have in store. I hate my job it’s like I’m never home. When I am home all I do is sleep. I want better and like you said it’s not quitting it’s changing. I’m ready.

    I will share this with a few of my co-workers. Who feel just like I do.

    • I’m not glad you can relate, because that means you do hate your job, but if you want to change, you can. Never being home is a feeling much too many people have these days and it’s not how it’s supposed to be.

      Hope it can help them as well!

  • Riaz Shah
    2 years ago

    Hey Alex,
    Awesome call to action note you’ve just written, its great to have something to fight for. I’ve been working so hard and focusing on nothing more than work, I forgot what is it that I was fighting for and holding on to.

    Thanks for writing this man, I definitely need to find a time to slow down and take a breather before going all out on. Best of luck in your online journey!

    • It’s just as you said, we should not forget what we’re fighting for in the process. We’re fighting for the freedom to do what we want.

      Best of luck as well!

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