How to live a wealthy, positive, happy life


How to live a wealthy, happy life

We have come to the point where we make life such a mess instead of living it for what it is, a gift. Life is beautiful and we should make the most out of it, use the limited time we have to do something meaningful, something for the ones we love. Outside of this perception of wealth as money, which the society brought upon us, how wealthy we are is how happy we feel. Is a lonely, rich person, truly wealthy? What does money do for you if you can’t experience happiness, if you can’t share it with those around?

It’s more than thinking

It’s more than having an idea, it’s more than keeping it there and coming back to it later, it’s a choice. The choice to act on that idea and not keep pushing it back until you deal with all the obstacles you are facing. Because obstacles come and go, there won’t come a day when the planets will align and the obstacles disappear so you can live your dream. You either live with intent, chasing that dream, becoming the person you can be or you live by accident and let life happen to you.

Chase your goal and don’t end up regretting having chased a goal someone else set for you, like a parent or a colleague. You are the only one who can decide what your true desire is. So many people end up spending half of their life stuck with a job they hate because they’ve listened to what someone else thought was best for them. Don’t sacrifice relationships and people while chasing material things, because those can’t love you back. No amount of money is going to get us the things that truly matter in life, as authenticity and love, kindness and friendship.

How to live a wealthy life

The goal in life

How to live a wealthy life

Shouldn’t be to make as much money, but to help as many people as we can and live happily ourselves in doing so. Money has nothing to do with happiness, money only brings comfort and convenience, but it doesn’t make us happy. So while it might contribute to our happiness it is in no way the determining factor. There’s that saying about focusing on helping people because money will follow, which I find very inspiring. It’s about making win-win situations of life, where you help people and get paid for that. Because you will eventually, as people who have problems are willing to pay for them to be solved. Why not be the one who solves them?

The only time we are truly free was during childhood when we don’t rationally think of anything that can go wrong, we just live. With time tho, we lose that freedom and compromise to sacrifice things most dear to us because ,,we must”. Don’t get me wrong, doing something for a living is necessary, but we begin settling and our dreams start to happen ,,one day”. Just that one day never comes, we have to choose to make it day one. Create our dream and live it every single day, be free again.

I want my answer to be yes

When I ask myself if I am happy, if I am living the life I want, with the persons I want and doing what I want, more or less. It’s never going to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy. I have decided a 9-5 job is not for me, I don’t want to be at work while life passes by, sacrifice time with loved ones and my health for seeing someone else’s dream come true. I am living for myself, so I’ve decided I’ll try and create something. It just seems like, in the last two decades, a whole new world opened in front of us. The online world and its potential of making money.

It is indeed possible to make money online. Through a blog, we can even achieve the point of having passive income, which is something I want to achieve over the years. I discovered affiliate marketing one year ago and been on and off about it, but now it’s time I make my choice. So what if I knew nothing about internet marketing, about websites and SEO? I can learn and I’d much rather do this than work 9-5 for 40 years. Because once I create something it stays there and has a potential of bringing me visitors long after I’ve put in the hours. Because in the end, it’s all about those you have near, those close to you, they shape your happiness and joy, and that’s what life is.

How to live a wealthy life



6 Responses to “How to live a wealthy, positive, happy life

  • Hi Aless,
    Great review, I like how you make it on a personal level. I am looking for a different way to write up my reviews, but unsure how. I had tried and then it feels like I am writing a blog instead of a product review.
    This is a slow progress for myself and I’m sure I’m not alone. Slow and steady win the race! Keep up the great work.
    Kind Regards,

    • Thank you, Krissy! I am sure you’ll get better and better at it the more you experience and try.

      I am sure success is just around the corner for both of us and the many people out there.


  • I love how you’ve put your personal progress into your website. That’s one of the things I am always most curious about. I read all these reviews about different ways to make money but rarely find a break down of how successful the person has really been.

    It’s been a little bit since the last time you updated everything. Now that it’s March, what is your progress like?

    • Just updated it. I am progressing slowly but steady. Any progress is progress, right? I am going to make the reviews I talk about in the landing page soon, and see from there. I am just like you, wanting to know some real facts about the success of a person, not just that s(he) has been successful.

      Thank you for your feedback,


  • tatihden
    3 years ago

    Great approach to the topic of online marketing. Working 9-5 or any other shift for five days a week is just too stressful. Working from home and being able to arrange your schedule how you see fit is sweet. Wealthy affiliate is a great place to learn how to start an online business.
    Great post

    • Totally agreeing with you. Even if the start is difficult, and maybe results don’t come that quickly, the payoff is great as we can stop circling around a set schedule. We can set our own. Good luck in your online business if you have any.

      Thank you for your feedback,


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