How to make money doing something you love

How to make money teaching what you love

From a very young age, I felt like I wouldn’t like the idea of employment, of having to stick to a certain schedule and follow orders. And I was right, as I disliked the first job I had and resigned a few months after. I wanted to be free to decide when to work and if and I realized the online world is offering me this opportunity. To make a living from offering value to others by sharing my knowledge with them. I didn’t have much knowledge, but I could always learn and pass it on.

There will always be a great number of people sharing interests with each of us and if I can help them get better at what they do or make the change they want in their lives, I can make money in the process. The internet opened doors never before imagined in the last two decades. It’s easier than ever to start a website and share whatever you want with the world. Now we can make a living online if we have a passion that we’re willing to invest time and effort into.

It’s never been easier

How to make money doing something you love

When I discovered how easy it was to start my own website I was amazed. What used to take a lot of knowledge and time is now a few clicks away. I have no special talents and I’m not a genius, yet I am confident in learning how to make money online and how to help others do it. And this is what I want to do, to make a change and help people, while also making a living from it. 

And it is entirely possible now, doing what’s called affiliate marketing, which is essentially promoting products to people and earning commissions from it. This way I get to help the people wanting to find a product to fulfill their needs and earn money at the same time. And it can be any product, so the potential and the freedom goes a long way.

Why is it better than a job?

Because the value stays, because I create something. If I write a review today and someone views it one year from now, it can still earn me money and that’s something a job can’t get me. The potential of passive income. Every hour I work is an investment that can make me money for years to come so I’d rather work 10 hours a day creating something of my own than 8 hours doing something for someone else.

And it can be something you love, because you can find products worth reviewing, worth promoting, in any domain. Of course, it won’t come easy, as everybody has access to making a website and there’ll be competition. But hard work eventually pays off and you can get to have your very own online business making money in a few years of hard work. Some even start making money a few months in, then the motivation kicks in, seeing the results, making work that much easier.

How to make money doing what you love

Creating your own business

When I started off, I only had my desire to make money online and never have to get a job. It was enough for me and it is enough for you. Wanting it so much, something as trivial as not having the knowledge can’t stop you, because you can learn, you can develop and you can succeed. Because searching through scams I actually found real training in the end. It taught me how to create a website, what I needed to know about keywords and how to drive traffic into my website.

And making money from it. It’s exactly getting paid to do something you love. Or write about something you love. It doesn’t get much better than this. For me at least, being totally free of a schedule and a cubical means a whole lot. Being able to be where I want, with whom I want, whenever I want. Whatever your passion, as long as you are willing to put in the effort and time to make it happen, you can achieve financial freedom online. How would you feel about owning an online business, writing about the things that you love, sharing your knowledge with others and making this your income?

Getting rich quick just won’t happen, no matter what the gurus on the net say. Building a stable income online requires work and dedication, and the process takes time. It’s all about what you do with your time. You can either continue using your time working 9 to 5 for years or you could choose to do something for yourself and start your business now! The internet really made it a lot easier, think of all the hassle and investments required to build an actual physical business. An online one is much simpler to build and also requires little to no starting capital, also having a global reach.

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How to make money doing something you love



6 Responses to “How to make money doing something you love

  • Borislav
    2 years ago

    I totally agree with you, Alex. Everyone can write about his own passion. If you are ready to adopt new skills and knowledge about online entrepreneurship you can develop a successful online business.

    Tell me, Alex, what is your passion? What you love to do in your life that could be so interesting and helpful to all of us? Thanks for this beautiful article.



    • My passion is teaching people how to make money at home and be free. I discovered I’m passionate about it after I started my website and it fit perfectly.

      I like being free and not having to go to work everyday and showing people how I do it and how they can do it as well!

  • There is nothing more rewarding than working for yourself and being your own boss. Not to mention that with time your business will grow substantially. The most difficult part doing business is the slow growth in the beginning. There is nothing as an instant success but with time and effort, the rewards will begin to show.

    • I totally agree, in the beginning I was a little discouraged by the lack of results but then traffic began to grow and organic traffic presented itself here and there to now be a daily thing. And I’m sure the results will only be better as time goes on and we work more on our websites.

  • Yes if you have a passion you can learn to be successful on line you said it right and if you do not quite know what it is you can find it at WA they train you and guide you through the process all the best Max

    • You are right Max, we can all be successful if we are determined and follow the training. They really do a great job training both beginners and advanced users alike, making the premium upgrade a no-brainer and well worth the money.
      Hope you enjoy my site, even if it’s brand new, I want to keep growing it the best I can. Being part of the WA community is a step forward for any of us.


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