How to sell for Amazon

Some of you may have wonderedHow to sell for Amazon how to sell for Amazon, and today you’re going to be answered. I highlighted the ,,for” as we’re not going to be selling ,,on” Amazon. In fact, we’re not going to need any physical products to sell. It may not make a lot of sense for you, but if you’ve found this post searching in Google, it means you at least know what we’ll be talking about. You’re right, making money selling other people’s products.


I’m talking about Affiliate marketing

It essentially means promoting a third party’s product, driving sales toward the said product, and receiving a commission of the sale, the commission being either imposed by the vendor or agreed upon between the two of you. Put in other words, you bring customers to those selling in exchange for a commission. You are winning here from every point of view. It is like those people that promote products from door to door for money, but it is online, so much more simple and effective.


Let’s say, for example:

Somebody is selling product X on Amazon. You are an Amazon affiliate, so you can promote the said product. You review the product on your own website, leaving a link to the Amazon store and if anyone should decide to buy the product, you receive a commission for the sale.

Commissions may be low at first, but, as far as Amazon is concerned, grow exponentially the more products you sell. A 4% commission could be doubled if you sell a massive amount of products. And here comes the part of having a fair amount of traffic to your website.


How to sell for Amazon


What does it take?

Looking at the big picture , being successful in affiliate marketing revolves around having a website that has a fair amount of traffic. In fact, it is made of a lot of other small things you may not be aware of at first glance. That’s why having help while building your affiliate website is, in my opinion, crucial. If you are interested in a training platform, read my review of the one I use.

The foundation of your business will consist of following certain steps, which I’m going to explain below.


1.Choosing a niche

How to sell for Amazon

A niche means a group of people with common interests. For example, music can be a niche, tho a broad one, rock music, on the other hand, is more specific, you have to dig into a niche until you are comfortable with it and also you should choose one you are passionate about, because it’ll be that much easier to write about, will feel natural to your readers, not like you’re forcing yourself to come up with something. 


When choosing your niche, you must consider things such as: How passionate you are about that specific niche, how much competition there is, and the number of people interested in the niche (not the exact number, obviously, but knowing there is enough interest that your website will have visitors). This is why you should do a niche research before building your website. Read my review of the best program to do it, also the one I am using.


2.Researching affiliate programs

Once you’ve picked your niche, you will want to see the opportunities it offers you, who is searching for affiliates in the respective niche. The two things you should look for in an affiliate program is not the commissions, but the trust they inspire people and their selling power. As an example, Amazon is highly used and trusted by people, that makes of them one of the best affiliate programs around, even with their slightly lower commissions.


3.Building a website

Once you have found the niche you want to follow and you’ve checked for income opportunities as an affiliate within the niche, you will want to build a website around it, starting with your domain name, content, and pretty much everything will revolve around the niche you’ve chosen. You will want to be what your readers want, to offer valuable information.

There are a lot of places online where you can build your own website. It all comes down to preference and what they have to offer besides said website building platform. Nowadays it is a lot easier to build a website, as in the past you needed to program it yourself, now it is just a click away. 

You will need a domain name and hosting, so I am going to list below some places  you can buy those:


Take a look at each of the above and decide which one suits your needs. 



4.Creating content

This will be the most important part of your business, also, the one that will never end, because you’ll not stop creating content if you are serious about this. You will want to keep both your website and your readers

So your job now is to create quality, interesting, engaging content. Writing, how hard could it be, right?


It seems easy, in fact,How to sell for Amazon

It is, but there is more to this than just writing because you must consider the content will be indexed, ranked, and eventually pop up in searches. And there they come, the readers, the human beings that want their reading to be both interesting and pleasant.

Because it’s people you’re writing for. People just like you and your family will read what you write, so you have to think like your reader and write the way you’d like to read.


5.Promoting your content

Once the content is there, people have to read it, and in order for that to happen you should promote it, create social posts, put your mind with SEO and many other things. Because once you write the content and make sure it’s interesting and catchy for your reader, you have to help him find it. 

Promoting your content is done by indexing and ranking your content based on its quality, keywords, interlinking, etc.. and this is done by the Search Engines, and by sharing your content within social medias, leaving links in related forums and discussions, and that’s the promoting you make. You can also buy advertising from multiple places, but that’s not on  point right now.


,,If a story is written, all it takes is the reader to find it” – Me 


Even if simple, sometimes you may find yourself stuck, or overlooking some unobvious things that will potentially set you back.

That is why I suggest following an affiliate marketing training program to learn How to sell for Amazon as an affiliate.


If you decide to do so, here is a review of the one I use.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Cheers, Alex

Founder of The Affiliate Step


24 Responses to “How to sell for Amazon

  • I did want to use Amazon as an affiliate a number of years ago, but sadly Amazon doesn’t do business with Missouri residents. There are state laws that prohibit doing business with businesses (as an affiliate in my state).

    I have been in many niches over the years and I always tell people to get involved in a niche they actually care about. If not you will eventually just quit. I made that mistake a number of years ago.

    One thing I can say about affiliate programs is ask for a pay increase once you have started generating sales. I am a power affiliate in a number of affiliate programs.

    Over the years I have used eBay to as an affiliate though. They do have a very good affiliate program. Have you ever used them?

    • Actually I have not used eBay affiliate program because currently I am focusing on developing this website and I plan to start one or more niche websites to have more then one stream of income. When I will start them, I will make sure to choose a niche I also like. Have you had any success as of now in affiliate marketing?

  • Alex,

    Great job of taking what could be a very complex topic and breaking it down into easy to understand and follow steps!

    You are so right about choosing a niche you can be passionate about. After all, writing content for your website IS a lot of work! And it’s a lot more pleasant to be working because you LOVE it! Mine is bass fishing, which I chose because I was already doing research to improve my own bass fishing (first because I was “grounded” due to knee surgery, and later because it was winter!). So now my research is simply focused on topics to help other fisherfolk!

    I do reviews of fishing products, and I am an Amazon Affiliate. So far no sales, but I’m just starting out. Can’t wait! But must. Hey, it reminds me of fishing! Lots of preparation, tactics, waiting, then SLAM!

    Thanks for the helpful article. Keep ’em coming!


    • Hi there, thank you for your comment. I also tried fishing once, I kind of screwed up and broke my friend’s pole, twice. Never tried it again, tho I didn’t have the chance anyway. It’s nice to be passionate about something and being able to turn it into a business. I am sure sales will come soon, important is that you like what you’re doing. Much success to you, Roger.

      Have a great day!

  • Hi Alex, great article on affiliate marketing. With the vast number and variety of products on Amazon, becoming an affilate for them is a no-brainer. No matter your niche, you can probably find several products on Amazon to promote and earn commisons. ?Even if the commissions are low, with repetition they will add up!

    • You’re right, you can find something to promote on Amazon in any niche you could think of. The most important thing about it is to like what you’re doing and to offer something of value to your readers. And commissions do get higher when you sell more, so it will be fine.
      Have a great day!

  • Thanks, it’s a great program as everyone trusts Amazon. What’s more, it’s easy to order from them with just one click if you’ve previously provided your preferred payment method (which most of us do as it is such as trusted brand). Do you have to join affiliate schemes in each country? And I believe some US states don’t let you use it?

    • There is a plugin that sends every user to their respective country’s Amazon store, from a single link. Don’t remember the name of it tho. I do not know about the US states as I don’t live in the US, nor anywhere close. Yes, Amazon offers trust to their customers and also ease of use, you’re perfectly right.
      If you need the plugin’s name, tell me in a reply and I’ll search it for you.
      Have a great day!

  • Selling digital products through Amazon sounds amazing. No need to create your own product, incur research & development costs, and hold inventory until it is sold. You can basically promote and sell anyone else’s products.

    I’ve heard that “private” affiliate programs can be a great option as well, mainly because the commission payouts (percentage-wise) are usually higher. What do you think about affiliate networks, like Amazon, Commission Junction, and ShareaSale, versus private affiliate programs?

    • I think that while they have bigger commissions, the edge that affiliate networks like Amazon and CJ have over them is the trust of the population. Being widely recognized gives them authority and just says something. When you hear Amazon, you think of something.
      Private affiliate networks miss that spot in people’s minds, are not so widely acknowledged. I think both options have their ups and downs compared to the other. It’s a matter of preference and if you can inspire people that trust with your content, it extends to the programs you’re using, so if you build trust with your visitors, you could make them trust a program they’ve not heard about yet, and thus earning bigger commissions.


  • Hi Alex,
    Great post you have here!
    I was looking for such an opportunity but did not know where to start.
    I like to sell from Amazon.
    I’ll follow your posts.

    • Thank you, it certainly is an opportunity not to be missed.
      I’ll make sure you’ll have something to follow.


  • I love Amazon’s affiliate program. That is a great review that you have about it and it explains it in detail which I love. I have been using it for quite a while now and all of my family and friends know to use the affiliate link to purchase from them as well. I’ve made quite a bit of money doing it. One thing I recommend is actually signing up for affiliate programs at Hostgator, godaddy, namecheap. Once you do, you can change those links to your affiliate links to them and make money that way too.

    • I am in process of doing it, I applied and now waiting to be accepted. After that I am going to change the links to affiliate ones. Thank you for the advice. I am glad AM is working for you and also I’m sure it can work for anyone if they put enough time and effort into it.

      May you continue your path to success.


  • This is by far the clearest and best explanation of what it is and how it works.

    • Thank you and glad I could help you. I am trying my best to put value to the content I write and to help people.
      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them.


  • Hello Alex

    Thanks for the information. I am in the beginning processes of becoming an affiliate marketer. I haven’t yet become a part of the program with Amazon but I’m going to be doing that within the next day or two after I tweak some of my content.

    All of this stuff seems overwhelming at first glance but it becomes easier to digest if you do what you have recommended here: join an affiliate program. The support that an affiliate marketing training program provides can definitely accelerate the learning curve in this industry.

    Thanks for your post

    • It can indeed. When people start off and see how difficult it is without help, they tend to just give up, and they give up a great opportunity. I am glad I found the help I needed and I advise anyone to join one, because having someone to help you when you’re stuck can really make a difference sometimes.

      Thank you for your feedback.


  • Aulliver
    3 years ago

    Hello Alex,

    The internet has come a long way. Looking for earning money online can be a overwhelming task. At first all the information we see online are just a bit of information overload.

    We need to search for our dream and become our own boss and making that happen. Affiliate marketing is one of the proper approach.

    Thank you

    • Yes, it is. It can be a difficult task, but I feel it’s worth it, because what can you ask for other than having the time to do what you love, stay with the ones closest to you instead of going to work yourself off for others to be happy and well. Follow your dream. I’ll sure do the same.


  • Hi Alex. To be Frank, when I read the title, I thought your content would actually show me how to promote Amazon effectively in order to attract more clicks, if you know what I mean. But I probably thought that because I am already doing what you are doing and I am not alien to affiliate marketing. Reading your site. I agree with most of what you are saying. I am not too sure about choosing a niche on the basis of how competitive the niche is. I believe you can sell nearly everything but the key is the keywords used. But hey, I am a beginner, so far this is how I feel. I will find out once my site is complete as my site topic is generally very popular but my keywords have good stats. I guess i’ll find out in time. Also, for beginners, maybe you can have a quick glossary. A few months ago I would not have understood some of the words you used as I was totally alien to affiliate marketing. Now however, I understood everything you said as I am familiar with AM. Yeah, so maybe a small glossary would help those who have no idea what affiliate marketing is and not very familiar with the internet from a technical sense, if I make sense.

    • I do understand what you’re saying. And by the competition I mean exactly the keywords, because once a niche has a huge competition, you must automatically go for side keywords, because the obvious ones would have high QSR and small ranking opportunities for beginners. I am going to listen to your advice and put together a list of terms so people understand what I’m talking about. Thank you for the feedback.


  • Thanks for the valuable information and steps to become an affiliate marketer. True, Amazon is one of the most well-known websites out there. However, it would be beneficial to know more about how Amazon gets involved. How do you contact them? How do you link their ads to your site? What is their commission structure?

    • You go to their affiliate program here and you apply to the program. The commissions are different for each type of products. But as you sell more, the commission gets greater. Bottom line would be, more sales, higher commissions. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


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