Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2016

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Being successful bloggers greatly revolves around the tools we use, that’s why we should always aim to have the best tools at our disposal. And it’s only fair we use the best keyword tool as it can give us an edge over the competition.

Why? Because keywords are the core of SEO, because people find what they’re looking for using keywords. As I want to use the best tools myself, I’ve done quite some research on keyword tools. That’s why I’m writing this Jaaxy keyword tool review, so that you can see why Jaxxy is one of, if not THE best keyword tool.

Why an internet business

Because the internet keeps evolving every single day, with more and more people using it. Being online instantly means your business has the most exposure possible. Think of it: How much exposure does a local business have? Local people, of course, not much other than that.

With an internet business, your audience suddenly becomes the whole population of the earth. Now that’s much more likely to get you more sales, right? Certainly yes, but in order for that to happen, people have to find your website. This is where keywords come in place. When someone wants to find something on the internet, they write some keywords in the search engine and receive results – called SERPS.

Your goal is to be in those results for the keywords you target within your posts.

Keyword battle

Now, everyone that has a website usually wants to go into SERPS. For example, if my blog post would have ,,Jaaxy” as title, I’d never receive any traffic from it, because there are hundreds of websites competing for the same keywords. Everyone wants to find keywords with high traffic and low competition. Because good keywords mean more organic traffic and traffic ultimately means money for a blogger.

It’s like you were in a group of gold-seekers, each one of you searching for the same nugget. A gold detector would come in handy, wouldn’t it?

That’s what Jaaxy does for you

Jaaxy can turn your regular blog into a website making you a full-time income. Finding the best way to write your title and URL for the maximum exposure will bring more traffic with the same content.

Sure, it’s not just about the Jaaxy tool itself, but what you do with it and how you use it. While Jaaxy doesn’t guarantee your success, it gives you a better chance at it. Then it depends on your writing skills and the way you connect to your readers within the content you write.

Yes, the point of having a blog and writing is to be useful to your readers, not to write for the Search Engines. But what if the same content you wrote could have a different title targeting a specific keyword and getting you more traffic? 2 in 1, you wrote for your readers and targeted a good keyword, all in the same post. That’s what Jaaxy can help you do.

What makes Jaaxy better than others

Jaaxy makes keyword research as easy as it can be, giving you detailed stats of the keyword you search as well as 10’s of other related keywords, making it easier to choose the one that best suits your content.

Other keyword research tools are made in their own interest, for example, Google Keyword Planner doesn’t show you the number of all competitor websites for your keyword, it only uses Adwords competition for that keyword). It’s best suited for advertisers, but not so much for bloggers.

Jaaxy collects data from the three major Search Engines ( Google, Bing & Yahoo) and displays them in a manner that everyone can understand, so it is much better suited for niche-related blogging, which is what I do and probably you too.

Try it yourself

Jaaxy is not

A money-making machine, it’s the tool that helps you write your content in such a manner that it’s useful and worth reading for your visitor while giving you the most exposure possible within the Search Engine Results – SERP

It’s not like Jaaxy will just give you the best keywords with a click of a button, that’s why it’s called research, but it makes the process much easier and accurate. My blog has 15 blog posts at the moment, with 3 being on the first page of Google and other 5 on the second page. Not all content must target keywords, but when it does, it’s better for you to target the right keywords, right?

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Jaaxy’s Stats

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Monthly Searches – The number of searches a keyword has every month. Total search traffic for that keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo summed up. The keyword should have >50 monthly searches for it to be considered worthy of writing an article around.

Estimated Traffic – How much traffic you’ll receive if you rank first for the keyword. Keep in mind this is a minimum, so you might get more traffic.

QSR – Competition. The number of websites that compete for that exact keyword. You should aim for keywords with as low QSR as possible, <100 is great, <200 is good

KQI -Keyword Quality Indicator –  Remember traffic lights? Keywords are classified by quality: Green is great, Yellow is Good and Red is poor.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Ranging from 0 to 100, this stat tells you if your desired keyword is suitable for SEO. Meaning: how easy it is to rank for a specific keyword and if you’ll get an acceptable amount of visitors. The higher the number is the better. Over 80 is really good

Domain– Tells you if the keyword you searched has available domains, and which those are ( com, org, net, etc)

To Do– Lets you add the keyword to a to-do-list and connect it to Street Articles, an article marketing website.

The low hanging fruits

Think of a tree, with big fruits at the top, which everyone tries to reach for, making them competitive and harder to reach. Whereas if you look lower, you’ll find fruits that fewer people want, which makes them easier to reach. In Keyword language it means keywords with less monthly searches that also have lower competition, making them easier to rank for and receive traffic.

When starting out as a blogger, it’s best to aim for low hanging fruits, to gain rankings and authority easier. Instead of competing against 500 websites for ranking on a highly searched keyword and receiving no traffic, it’s better to receive a little traffic from a low hanging fruit. Regardless of the keywords you use, your content should make sense and aim to help the reader. Imagine if you rank for a keyword but your content doesn’t help people, they’ll instantly leave your website.

Additional tools

Besides the keyword research tool, Jaaxy offers many other tools for deeper research.

Site Ranking – Jaaxy has an option that lets you check where you are ranked in Google for a certain keyword. All you have to do is write the keyword and your domain name and they will check the ranking for you.

Alphabet Soup – Uses the Google Instant feature to add all letters of the alphabet to your keyword based on what people search within their search engine. This gives you many more long-tail keyword ideas to use.

Saved lists – The option to save the keywords you researched to use them later with the option to export them in .CSV or .TXT for offline keeping.

Search history – Used to remember previously researched keywords even without saving them to a list

Search Analysis – See the websites ranked on the first page of Search Engines, useful for researching your competition in order to see if you can potentially rank above them.

Similar keywords – When you search a keyword, in the right sidebar you’ll see similar

How much does it cost?

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review


It’s great for testing out how Jaaxy works and see if it can help you without spending any money. The free plan offers 30 searches of any kind – Keyword, Site Rank, Alphabet soup, etc.

Jaaxy keyword tool review

Pro Plan – 19$ per month

Designed for people just starting out with affiliate marketing, it’s everything you’ll need to get started in keyword research. The pro plan offers unlimited searches of any kind, 2x speed, 15 results instead of 5 and multi-tabbed research, plus some other features.

Jaaxy keyword tool review

Enterprise Plan – 49$ per month

With even more power and speed, as well as extra features, this plan is designed to bring keyword research to a whole different level. It’s ideal for advanced affiliate marketers who need to research huge lists of keywords in as little time as possible.

It has all the Pro features with some increases: 5x faster, Data sorting, up to 5 tabs and 50 results instead of 15.

Jaaxy keyword tool review

My conclusion

As an active user of Jaaxy, I can say it’s everything a blogger needs to find the right keywords for maximum rankings. A good amount of the keywords I used on this website so far have ranked well in the Search Engines while some of my posts didn’t target keywords as I wrote them to explain something.

Without rankings, you can have quality content, but people won’t find your website, that’s why the ideal combination is made of the right keywords and quality content. For my keywords, I use Jaaxy Pro and I’m totally content with it. Jaaxy was created by the same team owning Wealthy Affiliate, which is an extra reason to trust the product.


If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Cheers, Alex

Founder of The Affiliate Step

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