Paidverts review 2016 – Is it a scam?

Paidverts review 2016 - Is it a scam?

Name: Paidverts          

Type of website: PTC, Revshare, GPT                                                      

Price: FREE/ 5$ per month

Recommended: Yes – Side pocket money


What is PaidVerts?

Paidverts is a product of MyTrafficValue, a crowdfunding revenue share, paying since 2010. Both these and others are owned by Future Business Group Ltd. ( for future reference in the payment proof section )

PaidVerts is an advertising platform, offering advertisers multiple choices of promoting their websites and products. At the same time, they pay their members to interact with the ads placed by the advertisers.

After being sort of a Ponzi scheme for a long time, being known as a scam in the online environment, they changed their leadership and moved toward legality.


Changes from the old model

  • The ROI on buying ads lowered from 155% to 120%, much more realistic in my opinion
  • Paidverts membership was introduced
  • Plans on creating a Paidverts-only forum, no MTV involved
  • The image of the company and many other minor changes


120% ROI? It’s a Ponzi

That was my first thought, but after researching some more outside the Paidverts platform, I’ve got to see all the products MTV created, that bring in revenue. That means that having other revenue streams to pay the actual ROI, it’s much more of a stable model than that of a Ponzi scheme. That’s also because they receive funding from their MTV platform.

MyTrafficValue  is a crowdfunding platform with its own products and a sustainable  business model. It’s currently going through some changes, planning to wipe out the games and become a fully-legit entity. After the problems they had last year, both platforms are picking up and becoming better. It also relies on the advertising they offer to others on their own website, games, maintenance fees, and daily fees, like the BAP tax to cover the costs.

And it’s also not a plain Return Of Investment because when you buy ad packs, you get BAP, which will later be taken from your account and you’ll be given ads to click. When you click the ads they give you, you receive $ equivalent to the BAP they’ve used to give you the ads.


What is BAP?Paidverts review- Is it scam or legit?

BAP stands for Bonus Ad Points. 1 BAP equals 0.0005$. Once your account created, for two weeks or so, you receive ads worth 400 BAP every day, minus the 100 BAP daily tax, which goes into dev funds. To start receiving ads you need 100 BAP, that puts you in BAP Group 0.


How to earn money in Paidverts?

The key is that Advertisers purchase ads in the Paidverts system, and those ads are distributed among members based on their BAP. The more BAP a user has the higher value ads received, even full dollars.

Stack up BAP, get your first dollar, or invest it some dollars to make it faster, then buy bulk ads, at the same time advertising a website of your choice and receiving BAP worth 1.20$ for every 1$ spent. Or you can cash out whenever you want every dollar that you make, without buying further ad packs. The payments are processed in 24h usually, in rare cases in up to a week.



Click grid – Click on an image, receive random ads with a chance to receive a prize in either BAP or $.

Cash offers – Complete offers for money, pretty straightforward.

Games – Play single or multiplayer games betting your BAP. I have both won and lost BAP, if you want to be with PV for the long run, don’t try your luck, you’ll lose more than you’ll win.

Share marketplace – There is the option to buy shares sold by other users and either hang on to them or sell them further for either $ or BAP. The shares are MTV’s, as is the marketplace because Paidverts is just another product of MTV. It is unavailable for those with under 12.000 BAP


The price: 

PaidVerts is free to use and earn, and you can earn good money without investing nothing. Of course, the start will be slow, another reason for it being that the ad issues are somewhat low at the moment.

There is also a membership feature that has just been released, the prices being those below, along with the corresponding benefits my latest blog post.

Paidverts membership


What is a micro ad pack? When you ask for a MAP, you receive 0.025$ worth of ads. Premium members have the right to request 3 of them.


My verdict for Paidverts is LEGIT!

You can definitely earn some pocket money with Paidverts, although a good income is not to be expected.

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Am I using it?

No, I am no longer using Paidverts, although I’ve been a member for around 3 months. The reason why I’m not using their platform anymore has nothing to do with them, as they’re getting better than they were, but with me, because I’ve decided to start my own online business, as it’s a better option for me.

I chose to start my own website, because I can make a full living online with it, instead of clicking ads for some pocket money. I’d much rather be free to pursue my passions.

Do you want your own online business?

Paidverts review 2016 - Is it a scam?


If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Cheers, Alex

Founder of The Affiliate Step



20 Responses to “Paidverts review 2016 – Is it a scam?

  • Man I wouldn’t go anywhere near a revenue share site regardless of who owns it or how ling it has been in business. They are like temporary PTC sites – there is no backup for your money and they can disappear whenever they feel like it (and 99% of them do disappear). Not a choice for newbies to the earn online world!!!

    • I fully approve what you’re saying, Chris, they offer no guarantee for your money and disappearing could very well be the case, and while I don’t recommend going near such sites, many people have profited from it, as well as many people lost.

  • Anthony
    3 years ago

    I liked this review, I just do not like ads websites where you have to watch ads. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time and you don’t really benefit from it.

    What’s your opinion? I see that you have recommended WA and I think that it’s a much better option for those looking to make real money.

    • Indeed WA is the way to go for making big money in the long run. Paidverts can be an opportunity for making some pocket money, I wouldn’t even expect a PTC to make me good money. But you could make some tens of dollars each month with it.

  • Interesting article and I can’t say that I have heard of Paidverts.

    Is it similar to Clixsense, as it looks like the same sort of thing? How much time would you need to invest in a system like this, before you see a decent payout?

    One thing I don’t like is spending too much time away from my primary business, and some of these types of sites only pay you pennies for your time.

    • Yes, it is, like Clixsense, a PTC, but you can buy ad packs with your earnings, in order to get ads worth the money you invest and a little more, so it’s also a revshare. Right now the ad issue is not that big, you can see a few cents after some days in, but most ppl are stacking up BAP to increase their BAP group and receive a bigger ad issue when the big ad issues come. You only need sort of 10 minutes to click all the ads, so it’s not that much time.

  • Hi Alex – thank you for this review, certainly interesting and i can see both sides of the ponzi argument!
    What is the potential for growth in the long term. My concern woud be that the new owners also lose interest after a while and the same thing will happen as before.

    • The new owner doesn’t look like he’ll do that, he interacts with the community on a daily basis, keep us up to speed with any updates and upcoming products. He also invested a lot in the company already, of his own money. As I see it, there will be future growth of this company, and I don’t see it going away soon.

  • Hey this was pretty interesting
    Thanks for being so transparent about paidverts and breaking it down so clearly. I never heard of anything like this before. Thanks for sharing the picture of your earnings, what do you think the long-term potential is for an opportunity like this?
    Looking forward to your answer,

    • Hello, Mike, I am confident that with the new leadership and products being developed constantly the company will be a good opportunity for some earnings. I work toward raising my BAP group now so when the Ad issue gets bigger and bigger I get a better cut of it and earn more.

  • This is really a new concept to me and never really knew about them until now. Great info here and thanks for the background on the company. It makes it a little easier to gauge my trust scale. I find it a little confusing but I guess I’m going to have to give it a try and maybe with time I will understand it fully.

    • Hi there, they are around since 2014 and paying, and the parent company MTV is online since 2010, and with this new leadership, they are slowly getting their trust back. If there are any questions you’d like me to answer, please feel free to ask them.

  • Very interesting review- I might have to check it out. It’s nice to read a review from someone who’s an active user of the program. I like how thorough you were in analyzing the site so users can figure out if its for them. Nice images of the site-gives you an idea of what you’re getting into. Nice job!

    • Thank you! I’m trying to be objective toward the product, even if I am using them, let the user know what it’s about and decide for themselves whether to try it out or not. Have a great one!

  • Really enjoyed this article and has made me quite keen… i am always a bit wary of such schemes because of ponzi out there.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to be paying and it seems a bit confusing, is it easy.

    how long did it take you to pick it up and is there a step by step guide once you become a member

    • There is no guide on using PV, as it is quite easy, but if you want, you could email me and I’ll answer any question you might have. I picked it up really fast, as it’s about the BAP you have, that once an ad issue is on, gets converted into ads that give you $ when clicked. At the moment the ad issue just got here so it’s a little lower than it should, but in some time I am sure it will get bigger and stay that way.

  • Alex,
    This is very interesting. I do have a question though. Can you decide what type of ads get presented on your sites. What if they are stuff you don’t want advertised? Can you somehow make sure that you are in control of that. Making the money sounds great but that piece makes me unsure. What can you tell me about that?

    • Let me break it down. It’s not them advertising on your website, it’s you advertising on theirs. You buy advertising from them, and you can advertise whatever you want, from your website, to your WA referral link, as long as it’s decent. So there’s no risk of having inappropriate ads on your site.

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