Personal Progress

What’s this?

Here I will update you people with my personal progress in making money online . I personally want to start small , to have an online income of about 300$ per month and then keep growing my online business . I will check back to this page every 2 weeks or so to keep it updated , to keep you updated. Today ( 30.01.2016) I set my goal to make 50$ by the 24 of February .

I have started my website on Monday (25.01.2016).

So far I have: 


  • Written 3 pages ( not including this one)
  • Wrote my first post
  • Got my website indexed into Google
  • Set up my Webmaster tools accounts ( both Google and Bing )
  • Set up my Google Analytics account
  • Made 2 referrals to my WA account thus earning 2$ 



  • My first referral upgraded to premium
  • Got a second domain
  • Created another page and a post
  • Created social media pages for my website



  • Got 12 referrals from which one is premium
  • Made a G+ account with a decent number of followers
  • Created a Facebook page for my website
  • Made a Twitter account for my website with also a decent number of followers
  • Got to rank 3000 on Wealthy Affiliate
  • Joined in discussions within the community thus knowing some people
  • Created 8 pages and 3 posts thus far, planning to post at least twice a week now that I can focus only on content creation


I am late for this one.

It’s been a month since the last update. Been a little busy with school, now back on track.


  • My referral number is at 40, with one being premium. Most of the referrals are friends from real life.
  • The 40 referrals mean 20$, with 8$ from the premium one, I’m sitting at 28$ earned thus far. Nothing spectacular, but nobody said success comes in an instant. I am confident with moving forward.
  • Grown my G+ following to 100+ people
  • My current rank on WA is 1542
  • Made some contacts in the WA community that will help me if I ever find myself in need
  • Updated older posts and pages to make them better
  • Compressed 2 posts into one and posted 3 more



  • Updated my Wealthy Affiliate review
  • Learned to build my own images with Canva
  • Watched WA webinars
  • Changed the homepage of the website
  • Been a little busy with school and had limited time for my website



  • Wrote another post
  • Began about 5 more as drafts which I’ll continue writing on
  • Learned more about keywords
  • Created around 10 images with Canva for usage in my posts
  • Began updating older posts
  • Thinking of changing the home page once again
  • Created my review template for future use