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Why do I need a website

Why would you need to have your own website?

If you own a business, a website of your own can help in a lot of ways:


  • Promote your business in the online environment, sharing the content you find interesting, promoting the products you sell or use for others to know about them.


  • 2 billion people use the internet on a daily basis, so having a website will largely expand your audience. Every single people of the mass can be your potential customer.


  • Having your business on the internet, it’s always open, because, unlike a physical business, the internet is never closed, so if any potential customer would want to buy a product you own, s(he) will be able to make the purchase at any time, thus you improve your potential income


  • Your website has the possibility of becoming your online shop-window, promoting your products and business, potentially worldwide, meaning if your business is local, you may expand the number of people aware of your business.


  • Starting your business online requires far less initial investment than an offline business


If you decided to build your own website, you must consider:


  • Your website should give it’s visitors a clear idea of what your business is about. Make the potential customers want to stick around. Make it both simplistic and interesting, because you are building it for people, real flesh and blood like you.



  • Include a FAQ section including the questions you find yourself asked most of the time so that people will find the answer to their questions even if you’re not around to answer them because you’ve been there before.


  • Do the effort of including an online shop into your website, thus sparing you the costs of building a physical store. Also, this will help as your audience and potential buyers will extend to.. Terra, thus an even greater window for income.


  • Post every few days and keep your website fresh and up-to-date, providing your customers with the most updated content and information, gaining their trust and making them bring more customers to your business, this way producing what business is all about, revenue and profit.


Your own free website

How would a website help me personally?


  • If you build a website focused on a particular category/niche, by writing content and getting people to read it, you will be acknowledged as an expert in that particular domain. That builds trust in your content, if you write a certain review of a product and people do trust you, you have great opportunities in the said niche, which we’ll discuss later.


  • It shows people you are serious about what you’re doing, that you invest passion and time in the content you create. It can also show people your own talent if you have one. If you do, creating your own website can be a great way of promoting your own talent to other eyes than yourself.


  • It increases chances you get employed under a certain domain, let’s say you are passionate about computers and programming and start a website where you write content.




Your website design is, unlike you might think, very important, it should be attractive and not overly complex, something stylish and simplistic, easily navigable and also mobile friendly, as it seems to be the new trend


Also, your website’s design should give an idea of what your business is about, you should ideally find a synergy between the appearance of your website and it’s content so that the design gives the visitor an idea about what he’s going to read in the content and the other way around. You can have great content, interesting and captivating. But you also have to present it in a catchy manner so that people don’t turn back when their visuals go crazy. You must have a design that’s pleasant to the eye, one that attracts instead of pushing away.


No business, still a website?


Now let’s get to how can you earn money from having your own website when you don’t own a business. Simple, you turn your website into your business, not your business’s website, but your entire business. You may ask how. Let me show you how.


By starting a website with a certain target niche.Content is kingA niche is a group of people that share the same interests. You write interesting content regarding the said niche. As you write content that visitors are interested in, you grow their trust in you thus making
them come back to your site. Content is the most important thing on a website, Search engine ranking depends on it, the number of visitors depends on it, the success of your future business depends on it.


You will research your niche, write reviews on products regarding your said niche, people will read your reviews and if you convince them the product you are reviewing is worth their money, they will buy it.


Where’s my money in all this?Online business


Many websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank etc.. have what is called an Affiliate Program. You sign up your website, they view it and decide if your site suits their terms. If it does, you will earn a commission, depending on the type of product you chose to promote and the shopping platform (Amazon, Ebay, etc..)


So, coming back to where we were, people are convinced by your review to buy the product, they click a link to the said product that you very conveniently happened to have there, they buy it, and you get your commission.

It sounds very interesting, but I’m not a technical person:


Nor was I, and I can’t say I am now, but I am learning, which is what you’ll do if you want success. For help with building and setting up your website check this guide. Also, the place I learned everything I know, where I was guided step by step towards the foundation of my website and business, the Wealthy Affiliate University, which I reviewed Here, is free to join.


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